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“So I don't own a dog. Sad story, but a true one. It begs the question - how was there dog crap in my fenced yard when I don't own a dog? For years this question bothered me. I'd toss and turn all night long wondering who this mystery dog was, crapping in my yard and not letting me pet him/her. Then I saw these cameras on sale and my first thought was "I hope it's a golden retriever". I installed them easy enough. And in the first night, at 2am, I saw my neighbour Doug throwing his dogs crap into MY yard. Would definitely recommend these cameras, would definitely NOT recommend my neighbour Doug.”

Read more... John M

"After a lot of searching, I bought this kit for my front yard and garage. Package was arrived few weeks ago. Well packed. I have time just installed this weekend. Installation was very easy. Wireless transmitting are life saver. I don't need run video cables or network cables like my old surveillance camera. Image are crystal clear. Night vision bright and far. With this price. I'm super satisfied.”

Read more... Terry S

“Finally hooked everything up, without too much difficulty. Impressed right away from the clarity of cameras, but when darkness fell it was amazing. It looked like the same daytime coverage. I'm impressed, impressed enough to purchase an additional 2 cameras.”

Read more... Ron M

“I mounted mine outside of my small business, so I could see who comes in & out. Most importantly, I wanted to monitor some of my employees working when I wasn't around!
Loving it so far!!!! The video details are just wonderful & the colorful vision feature at night is just incredible, the quality of the imaging and details at night, really loved that one!”

Read more... - William W.

“The last time I purchased some surveillance camera for outdoor, thing was a nightmareeee! Having to worry about the solar charging, running out of battery and just the management & buying new solar panels separately was just so much work. I got to say though, the wireless camera you guys got has done me good so far. I've had it for about 3 months now and so far, pretty easy, I haven't had to touch the thing yet. So I'm quite happy so far, thank you!”

Read more... - Donald B.