The Future of Commercial Wireless Surveillance

Meta Description: Commercial wireless surveillance cameras now have the newest technology and features to counter high crime rates. See what to look for when investing in a security system today.

Source: Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

Business owners face difficult choices, one of which is about dealing with security. You can't overlook it, especially since property crime is even more common than violent crimes that already happen more than half a million times yearly. 

And yet, investing in a commercial surveillance system seems to boggle people's minds and confuse their decision-making process.

It doesn't have to be a tough decision to make, however, as practical and reliable outdoor surveillance systems are now available. In addition, surveillance technology is advancing rapidly with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and 4K video resolution—all found in top-notch security cameras to protect your property.

In other words, the future of commercial wireless surveillance is looking great for business owners. Let's look at the 5 essential trends of modern commercial security systems, so you know what kind of cameras are worth your resources and investment.

#1 - Enhanced Efficiency and Optimal Performance 

Three things enhance the efficiency and performance of modern surveillance camera systems: multicast video streaming, live streaming & full-quality recording, and PTZ functionality of multiple cameras. Here’s a quick explanation of each: 

  • Multicast video streaming ensures your security department can monitor the cameras from multiple points without affecting the bandwidth. 
  • Live streaming and full-quality recording are ideal for remote monitoring. Simply connect the cameras to a network switch and see high-grade footage.
  • PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) functionality of multiple connected IP cameras in real-time, so you have enhanced surveillance of the entire property.

Gone are the days when commercial surveillance systems are a hassle to manage and maintain. Now, they’re streamlined, efficient, and designed with the user in mind.

#2 - Ease of Use and Comfortable Monitoring 

Newer surveillance cameras are now easy to use and comfortable to monitor your property. Here are the key features that modern systems have:

  • Modern outdoor surveillance systems now feature wireless connectivity. This ability means you can mount the cameras anywhere you need—which was not the case with conventional wired security systems. No placement limitation means you can cover every inch of your property.
  • There are barely any installation costs with newer cameras, where many feature-rich ones support turnkey installation, and plug-and-play ones don't require special installation skills. Compare this to a traditional wired camera with placement limitations and extra work to conceal the wires, and you'll realize how convenient cameras have become.
  • You can access the footage of modern wireless cameras from any connected device and any part of the world—whether you're on holiday or at home. These cameras feature highly sophisticated desktop and mobile access so that you can monitor your business on web view, live streaming, desktop applications, and phone applications. 

With modern cameras being easy to place, install, and use, you no longer have to worry about the installation or monitoring. You can spend your precious time doing other more important things instead, ensuring that your property is professionally monitored 24/7.

#3 - On-Demand Playback and Ease of Sharing Footages 

While the latest surveillance cameras won't always provide cloud solutions, all its data is saved within the camera—often on an SD card. Premium Inventions cameras, for example, can hold a 256GB card that allows for a 30-day rolling period of footage.

It would help if you also had another option of recording locally onto a desktop, where you can save footage on a hard drive and keep annual or historical footage backed up into another external hard drive for safekeeping. Then, it's just a matter of opening your computer and clicking on some folders to review footage.

Moreover, given that many of us are often on the road, you should be able to access footage from your mobile devices. This feature is usually provided via an app, so you can quickly review videos like you would from an SD card or a cloud. For instance, with our app, you'll see the previous 30-day footage with red lines across the timeline indicating when triggers happened.

Alternatively, you should also be able to download footage directly from the SD card and into your phone from the app itself. Of course, you can do this with our app, too.

#4 - Smart Features and Alerts

Modern surveillance systems are also embracing aspects of machine learning and artificial intelligence. This means they have smart motion detection and can trigger alerts to your connected devices, prompting your action. 

For instance, intelligent 24/7 outdoor surveillance systems can detect and distinguish people or features based on past recordings. That means you can analyze the footage quickly and determine susceptible people, ensuring extra vigilance. Alternatively, you can set the alarm or an alert so that the camera sends a signal to your phone whenever it recognizes a feature. 

Different motion detection sensitivity and email notification with images are additional features making the smart cameras unique. 

The intelligent features to look out for include: 

  • WiFi and 4G connectivity 
  • Advanced motion detection
  • Crisp and clear 2-way audio 
  • State-of-the-art 30x optical zoom

Other system alerts to look out for include tampering or camera downtime, which provides your security team peace of mind and eliminates the need for manual audits of security camera systems. 

#5 - Energy Efficient Commercial Wireless Surveillance with Night Vision 

Energy consumption is often noticeable when investing in security systems, as you want the camera to stay connected throughout. You don't want any gaps in footage due to a power outage—that defeats the whole purpose of investing in a surveillance system.

Moreover, cameras also need to perform well with minimal or zero light, as it won't make sense to keep your property well-lit all day long for the cameras to capture footage. You need ones that will monitor in all situations—surveying every dark corner of your commercial property.

The new generation of surveillance cameras is designed with energy efficiency and night vision in mind, boasting excellent low-light performance and night vision, eco-friendly materials, and the ability to provide 24/7 recording without the need for a power supply.

Our cameras are all of these as well as the following additional specs:

  • Two solar panel options: one for rainy areas and another for sunny spots
  • Internalized chip and motion sensor
  • Full-colour night vision footage
  • Ability to see 100 meters in daylight and 50 meters at night
  • Option to adjust the sensitivity and zoom in/out for clearer images

You won't have to worry about power outages, hefty electric bills, or even mounting extra lighting to keep your property well-lit. Our cameras give you round-the-clock monitoring with complete visibility, no matter the size, shape, and brightness of your property.

Enhance Your Surveillance with Worldclass Security Systems

Assess all the features of each solution available in the market to identify the best security camera system for your business. The goal is to invest in surveillance systems that enable you to monitor your property anywhere at any time. That way, you have peace of mind knowing that your property is well-protected against potential threats and crimes.

With that, Premium Invention presents the most advanced security technology for your business. Launching soon, our commercial wireless surveillance cameras feature the following:

  • Highly sophisticated desktop and mobile app for ease of monitoring
  • Eco-friendly and modern solar panels to stay connected without a power supply
  • WiFi and 4G connected systems with stable SD card storage for backup and easy access to previous 30-day recordings from any of your devices

In other words, we've built the best commercial surveillance camera system you can find, and it's available for preorder now. For more details and updates, subscribe to our newsletter!